Pay as you go Electricity and Gas

With PrepayPower, you simply pay as you go

Why pay as you go
What is Pay As You Go Energy?

It's electricity and gas for people who want a smarter way to monitor and pay for their energy.

With PrepayPower, you simply pay as you go. There are no bills! You pay for the energy you need, when you need it. You can see what you're spending, so it's easier to track and save on your energy.

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Why Switch to PrepayPower
Why Switch?

Take control of your electricity costs

Switch to pay as you go and pay for your electricity as you use it

You can say goodbye to electricity bills

No more surprise bills means peace of mind because you always know where you stand

Track your daily energy usage and save

Use our PrepayPower app to see how much energy you're using

Meet Your PrepayPower App
app image

Monitor your real-time spending

Your account balance updates every hour so you can monitor and reduce your spending in real time.

Pick your way to prepay

Choose between instant and automatic top-ups to pay for your energy anytime, anywhere.

Top-up tips just for you

Control your costs thanks to personalised top-up tips based on your previous prepayments.

Track and cut back 

Keep tabs on your hourly, daily and weekly usage to uncover where to cut back and save.

Compare and adjust 

Compare your latest use to your average and adjust household habits if it’s higher than usual.

Save for a rainy day

Save and budget for your future energy usage with the Savings feature.

PrepayPower Reviews

PrepayPower reviews

Extremely happy with PrepayPower, I have been a customer for a few years now and have no complaints, I would also like to thank the staff as they have helped me out on occasion and I find them very helpful and polite.

Rachel from Meath

PrepayPower reviews

I recommend switching to PrepayPower, I spoke to Aoife who made it very easy for me to switch over. No more bills, PrepayPower pay as you go is the way to go.

Tony from Cork

PrepayPower reviews

Extremely helpful, I got broadband installed yesterday. Easy to pay on the app. Makes life easier.

Karen from Cork

These testimonials represent each customer’s own experience regarding PrepayPower and may be not representative of all PrepayPower customers.