Building an energy efficient home

May 10, 2021

Building an Energy Efficient Home

We all want to save money on our energy bills and it’s possible with the right ideas and upgrades. It all comes down to understanding where most of your energy is wasted and what upgrades you can make to your home, so you can avoid energy loss meaning you’re lowering your energy consumption and your energy costs!

How to make an old home energy efficient?

The best place to start is understanding where most of your energy is lost. Usually it is down to a lack of insulation. Ensuring your home has sufficient insulation and is airtight is a great first step. Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones can also be a huge money saver in the long run. On top of that, you can also install a smart electricity meter that will control how much energy is used.

Having more control over your energy spend certainly makes a lot of sense and it will also give you an accurate reading of your meter usage, no more estimated bills ever!

What is an energy efficient home?

Ideally, an energy efficient home will be focused on reducing energy consumption by being well insulated which provides a high level of comfort to its occupants. In addition, energy efficient homes usually have a smart heating system that automatically stops energy consumption when you are away. Smart systems can be controlled remotely, so you can easily set the temperature and stop the heating system as you see fit no matter where you are. Upgrading to a Climote Remote heating smart thermostat is a great way to start saving you energy and money. Simply get in touch with our sales team today at 1800 989 517 to find out more about our Climote dual fuel deal.

Energy efficient upgrades

What kind of energy efficient upgrades should you make? Upgrading your electricity meter is the easiest and quickest way to turn your home into an energy efficient property. PrepayPower can help you in upgrading your electricity meter with no extra-cost. Our smart electricity meter is the perfect option for people who are tired of receiving huge electricity or gas bills based on estimates.

Upgrading your heating system to a smart thermostat such as Climote is another great step towards becoming energy efficient in your home. When using Climote, you can turn on and off your heating system from anywhere. It’s simple, save energy by not heating an empty home and arriving back to a warm home! Simply call our sales team on 1800 989 517 to get started.

Building an energy efficient home is important if you want to spend less on energy, without sacrificing on your comfort. While proper planning and attention is required, the results can be staggering. PrepayPower is dedicated to helping you control your energy costs, that's why we're making paying for electricity and gas simple with our pay-as-you-go energy.

Our smart Pay-As-You-Go system shows you exactly how much you're using and what you're spending, helping you to stay on top of your electricity costs.