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Sep 26, 2023

Predict Your Electricity Costs and Unlock Savings with the PrepayPower App Monthly Forecast

Imagine starting the month with a clear picture of how much you’ll spend on electricity. 

Imagine you had the power to track, control, and reduce this amount through daily updates based on your usage.

Imagine you could do it with the touch of a button. 

Meet the PrepayPower app Monthly Forecast - your crystal ball for smart prepaid electricity.

PrepayPower App Monthly Forecast

How the Monthly Forecast Helps You

The Monthly Forecast lets you see your expected total electricity costs (€) and consumption (kWh) from the 1st of the month. 

It recalculates every 24 hours with the latest data from your SmartPay meter

So, with your PrepayPower app Monthly Forecast, you can: 

  • Take the guesswork out of budgeting for top-ups

  • Learn how day-to-day activities affect your forecasted costs

  • Adjust your usage habits when you notice a sudden spike

  • Check if adjustments reduce your forecasted consumption 

  • Set specific saving targets for your Savings feature

Who is the Monthly Forecast for? 

The PrepayPower app Monthly Forecast is exclusively available to SmartPay and SmartPay+ customers. Access it from the Services menu by pressing ‘Electricity’ and then ‘Insights’. 

Spoiler Alert: The Monthly Forecast is only the beginning of our Actionable Insights series.

Feel free to send us your questions or suggestions to appfeedback@prepaypower.ie.


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