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Sep 20, 2023

180,000 PrepayPower Customers to Benefit from Energy Price Decrease

PrepayPower will reduce Gas and Electricity prices for over 180,000 customers on November 1st, 2023.  

PrepayGas customers will see a 13.5% decrease in unit rates. Pay-As-You-Go Electricity customers will receive a 12.8% reduction in their unit rates.

Meanwhile, our typical Prepay Dual Fuel customer could save up to €435 per year.

How We Apply Your Price Decrease

  • Classic Pay Electricity. You will receive a once-off 40-digit Powercode with a top-up between October 17th and 24th. Please enter this code on your meter keypad to ensure your reduced rate is applied on time.

  • SmartPay and SmartPay+ Electricity. We will automatically apply the price reduction code to your meter on November 1st.

  • PrepayGas. Your decreased rate will also be automatically applied to your meter on the scheduled date.


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